Thursday, June 10, 2010

18 months

Wow, is Devin really a year and a half old? I can't believe how fast it has gone by! I am not sure that I will keep doing monthly posts but will from time to time just so I have some of the milestones she is meeting etc documented somewhere since this is in essence her baby book.

From May 10

*Devin weighs around 25 pounds.

*Devin has outgrown all of her 18 month clothes and is in 24months/2T now. I tried to put an 18 month dress on her the other day thinking it would be OK, but it was not OK. She was just too tight on her little armpits!

*She is still wearing a size 4 diaper.

*We moved Devin into a size 6 shoe this past month.

*Devin is nursing about 1 time a day. Last thing before we start the bedtime routine. As of a few days before her 18 month birthday, we officially dropped the night time nursing session. I can tell that our nursing days will be over soon and I cherish it each and every time now. I will be sad for that relationship to end. :( I will most likely let her drop the last session herself. She still asks for it and shows great excitement each night when it is time!

From May 10

*Devin still as 12 teeth. We are almost positive that she is trying to get her canines in.

*Devin went from being a great sleeper to a horrible sleeper this month. She has been waking more at night and much harder to get back to sleep. She is skipping some of her naps at home too. We think between possible new teeth coming in and all the new words she is repeating/saying, she is just too busy to sleep and are hoping things will improve in the next few weeks.

*Even with the bad sleeping, we have had more nights that she has slept all the way through the night this month as well.

*Devin has suddenly started repeating a ton of words that we say. Her language is exploding and she is so cute when she repeats words. She has added a few voluntary words this month like bye, water (wa-wa), baby, and no.

*She now also shakes her head no all the time....we knew this was coming.

*Devin started gymnastics at the Little Gym this month. In her true fashion, it takes her awhile to come out of her shell, but once she does, she is a wild woman and loves it!

From May 10

*Devin has learned how to climb on and off of our bed using the bench at the end.

*Devin has been trying to climb on the bar stools too everytime we are eating dinner or sitting at the bar. The other day, she made it onto the bar stool, and was on her way onto the counter to pet the kitty! I stopped her before she could make it all the way up!

*When we are eating dinner every night, Devin always wants to have bites of what we are eating. I always have an extra spoon on hand and she always takes that spoon and tries to dig into my bowl.

*Devin is pretty much eating what we eat for dinner only the next day as lefovers since she can never wait late enough to eat with us! She has had shrimp and peanut butter and loves them both!

*Devin has always liked books, but everytime I turn around she is pulling a book off of the shelf that used to be too tall for her to reach and reading it. She LOVES to look at books these days!

*Devin has really been into puzzles, shape sorters and other problem solving activities lately. I can constantly see those wheels in her head a turning!

From May 10

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