Friday, May 30, 2008

Another kind of baby....

My mom swore that as soon as she committed to getting new kittens that I would instantly get pregnant. Thanks mom, that was just what we needed. :) My dad went to pick them up today. My mom and Chris sat in the kitchen and talked while Daddy and I played with them. They are so cute and sweet. They are brothers from the same litter and so similar but so very different. The little brown one with the gimpy eye is just a little love bug. You can walk in the room and he starts buzzing so loud that it sounds like a motorcycle revving it's engine. He just seems really tired today...probably from the big day of going to a new home. The black one was very sleepy and didn't really acknowledge anyone at first. I went back in the bathroom to play with them again and the black one actually came to me and toofed me. I joyfully told daddy about his boy that already likes to toof. We got a toy and he got rather spunky. We got him to flat top and he also caught one of the high value toys and growled at it like the dogs do when they fetch a toy they like and shake and kill it. They are so cute when they are babies. I will try to get some pictures of them tomorrow.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

The million dollar question...

Everyone has asked me if I am having morning sickness. That is always the first question I ask people when I find out that they are pregnant but this is the first time I have ever been on the receiving end so I had no idea everyone else asks the same thing. It makes sense though.

Fortunately, I am not puking my brains out but some days I feel more like I could. One of my many pregnancy books says that week 9 is when you hormones are at their worst so it isn't suprising to me that I have felt the most queasy this week. I am eating a lot trying to keep it at bay and that seems to really work but sometimes you just can't get full. I have felt sick a lot but luckily I have not thrown up. There are a lot of things I do when I can't get rid of that feeling. Try eating something. Carbs, unfortunately, seem to be the golden ticket for me. I seem to like acidic things like oranges and lemonade and limeade when I am not feeling well as well as carbonated drinks. I am allowed to take extra B6 and I had to resort to it yesterday. It really made a huge difference.

I had a particularly rough day yesterday. I think on top of letting myself get too hungry, I was exhausted from 3 nights worth of commitments this week that put me home after 9PM which has become my new bedtime, and a little added stress at work, I just hit a wall yesterday. Chris and I took a few days off this weekend for Memorial day and I got to sleep in today (thank you Izzy!) as well as take a nice long nap. I am feeling much better. Just really tired all the time.

We had a nice lunch and then looked at some furniture for our bedroom but didn't buy anything. Tonight we had a nice dinner and then came home and watched 27 Dresses which I loved! I think we are going to the cemetary to visit Chris' dad tomorrow. His birthday is this week and we haven't been recently. It is pretty hot here in Texas so I think a dip in the pool will be in order as well!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Counting our blessings

Wow! What an exciting day today has been. Chris and I had our first Dr appt today. We were the first appt of the day and Dr Bradford had a case this morning so she was running late. We went ahead and did all the questions and had bloodwork done. Then we sat for awhile in an exam room. Chris just about drove me crazy trying to push buttons and turn things on and off. He has never been in a room with stirrups and he was quite intrigued. She got there about an hour and a half after our appt and we started. The first thing she did was take me right in to do an ultrasound. Wow! It was so cool and such a relief to see that tiny little heart beating away. It brought a tear to both of our eyes. Then we did the rest of the exam and she went over all of the things I am not allowed to consume and all of the things I should not be doing. So Chris and I started telling people today after the appt. It was been really fun after three weeks of waiting to spill the beans!

I have been thinking about how blessed we are to finally get to have this joy in our life. For two years now we have been trying to get pregnant. It seems like when you are trying, everyone around you who is not trying as well as all of those who are, seem to get pregnant with no effort at all. It is so easy for some people and so hard for others. I knew our day would come and really didn't want to go the fertility route unless it was deemed necessary. I had actually made an appt with the fertility clinic to have everything checked out just two days before that positive test. I really feel like there is a reason that it is happening now and didn't happen before. Chris and I have been together in a relationship for over 9 years now, married for over 3. We have been through good times and bad times together. We have paid for a wedding and bought a house. We have had pets and enjoyed a lot of quality time with Kortnee. Our relationship has endured and grown over the years. It becomes more apparent to me everyday when I act a little bitchy, then appologize and Chris with no thought at all says, "your pregnant, I am just letting those things roll off my back." Never another thought or another mention of it. I couldn't ask for a more considerate, caring and understanding husband. He knows me and understands how out of control my hormones and feelings are. I feel like it means we can enjoy this process together that much more! And, he gets to be my hero each and every day because of it! So I think that we have grown as a couple and are now really ready to be parent's. It is finally our time!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

How can it be?

How can it be that I am so RAVENOUSLY hungry all the time? You would think I hadn't eaten in a week. I have tons of really healthy snacks I am eating numerous times daily and I am adding more by the day. At least I haven't gained any weight with all this eating, not even a pound. I am amazed at how fast your body starts sending you cues of what you need. Apparently mine needs lots of cheese. :) And all different kinds to boot.

On another note, last Sunday this cute little puppy was lost in our neighborhood. He kept wandering into our yard and rolling around. Chris is positive it is b/c Izzy was barking at him through the front window so he kept coming back to check her out. She is in fact the cutest thing he had ever laid his eyes on and a feisty little thing too. He was a little bit scared and wouldn't let me pick him up. I went out with some cheese and got him to eat it out of my hand but he would nip at me every time I tried to grab him. Eventually a lady drove by that had also seen him and she got out and tried to capture him with me. We finally got him by bringing Harley out who he tried to befriend in a not so appropriate way. This of course horrifies Chris to every extent of manliness he can think of. The lady took him to an emergency vet clinic who got in contact with the owners vet who got in contact with the owner who was here in town visiting a friend for the week. It turns out, this little dog had been missing since last Wednesday. The lady was very happy to see her pup and had been fearing for the worst. Although both of my dogs have microchips, it just reminds me of how important it is to have identification on your dog. I need to have new tags made for mine b/c Izzy likes to chew Harley's as well as her own. I think I will add my address to the new ones as well. I am just so glad this turned out to be a happy ending for that lady.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

And so it begins....

This is officially my first blog. I plan to use this as a tool for my family and friends to check in on me and my family as they would like. Share pictures, funny stories, exciting news...all that hoopla.

Anyway, after almost two years of trying, Chris and I have finally gotten the news we have so long awaited....I am pregnant! We are both absolutely beside ourselves. We found out a week ago today. I am estimating that tomorrow I will be 7 weeks. My first Dr. appt is on May 16th and after that, assuming all goes well and everything checks out, we will most likely start telling more people. As of now, only our parents and a handful of our closest friends know.

With as many negative tests as we have gotten and dissapointments suffered, I waited this time until I had passed the longest cycle I have had since we started trying. I was in total disbelief when I saw that positive result. I called and told Chris and he was also in disbelief. I took two more tests the next morning as well as one more later in the week. It is finally really starting to settle in. :)

I am both excited and nervous about what all will happen in the months to come. It is absolutely amazing to me how fast you actually start to feel pregnant. I was actually feeling pregnant the week before I found out but didn't really realize it. The really obvious things are the exhaustion, the hunger, the queasiness if you let yourself get too hungry, the rush of emotions. Not even 24 hours after we found out, Chris commented to me that he can't believe how much emotion you feel for this little thing that was one just a twinkle in your eye and how fast that emotion takes over your life. I haven't gained any weight with all of this extra eating but I must be bloated b/c by the end of each night, my pants are usually feeling a little tight.

So I have loaded up on healthy snacks to eat regularly throughout the day. I have organic prenatal vitamins that actually make me feel really good and don't have any weird aftertastes. Since I don't drink milk and want to make sure to keep my caffeine intake to a minimum, I have started making myself a latte each morning with mostly frothed milk and some coffee poured in. I am also enjoying plenty of 2% cheese, cottage cheese and yogurt.

Well, I am off to bed.....I'm pregnant and I need my beauty sleep. :)