Saturday, May 3, 2008

And so it begins....

This is officially my first blog. I plan to use this as a tool for my family and friends to check in on me and my family as they would like. Share pictures, funny stories, exciting news...all that hoopla.

Anyway, after almost two years of trying, Chris and I have finally gotten the news we have so long awaited....I am pregnant! We are both absolutely beside ourselves. We found out a week ago today. I am estimating that tomorrow I will be 7 weeks. My first Dr. appt is on May 16th and after that, assuming all goes well and everything checks out, we will most likely start telling more people. As of now, only our parents and a handful of our closest friends know.

With as many negative tests as we have gotten and dissapointments suffered, I waited this time until I had passed the longest cycle I have had since we started trying. I was in total disbelief when I saw that positive result. I called and told Chris and he was also in disbelief. I took two more tests the next morning as well as one more later in the week. It is finally really starting to settle in. :)

I am both excited and nervous about what all will happen in the months to come. It is absolutely amazing to me how fast you actually start to feel pregnant. I was actually feeling pregnant the week before I found out but didn't really realize it. The really obvious things are the exhaustion, the hunger, the queasiness if you let yourself get too hungry, the rush of emotions. Not even 24 hours after we found out, Chris commented to me that he can't believe how much emotion you feel for this little thing that was one just a twinkle in your eye and how fast that emotion takes over your life. I haven't gained any weight with all of this extra eating but I must be bloated b/c by the end of each night, my pants are usually feeling a little tight.

So I have loaded up on healthy snacks to eat regularly throughout the day. I have organic prenatal vitamins that actually make me feel really good and don't have any weird aftertastes. Since I don't drink milk and want to make sure to keep my caffeine intake to a minimum, I have started making myself a latte each morning with mostly frothed milk and some coffee poured in. I am also enjoying plenty of 2% cheese, cottage cheese and yogurt.

Well, I am off to bed.....I'm pregnant and I need my beauty sleep. :)

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