Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Moving right along...

Kortnee left for home on Saturday. I can't get over how sad I am that she is gone. We miss her so bad and our home just feels so empty without her young beautiful soul here everyday. I am still trying to convince her that there is enough time to come back still and go to school here. She just isn't buying it. I don't blame her. She wants to be with her momma and her brother and I would probably make the same choice. Maybe we will have better luck convincing her to stay next year when her little sister is here. ;)

So while Chris was driving her home, I was at home putting the crib together trying to keep my mind off the fact that she was gone. Chris got home just in time to help me with some of the more akward pieces. Had I not been huge, uncoordinated and conscious about how much I am lifting, I would have had no problem, but that isn't the case now is it. And I am only going to get bigger! Chris painted her room last weekend and it looks really cute. He and Kortnee picked out some colors and I chose the one I liked the best. We still have a lot of work to do in there but have a pretty good start on it now and both love to be in there. I went against what I originally said and instead of it being a neutral room it is going to be really girly. How can I resist!

Here are some pics of it so far:

The crib

When I was young, my best friend's mom made this chair for me. I have saved it for years and it will make the perfect addition to the nursery.

The twin size bed in the room

So for the past week or so the baby has been kicking a lot, and HARD! The other day Chris had his hand on my belly trying to feel it and she kicked so hard that I jumped...needless to say he didn't feel it. I have been starting to nest more and more. I think partly b/c I know the end of tax season is upon me and I fear if I leave everything for after October 15th, I will go crazy! Better to have a start on it than to leave it as a distraction while I am working crazy long hours. I am getting bigger for sure. I feel really good for the most part but I am getting sort of clumsy and it is hard for me to do a lot of the things I do regularly. I can't really bend at the waste, at least not easily and when I do I always get a lot of kicking. My brain is broken and I can't think of what else has changed so I will Share more next time.

Here is a pic of me at 21 weeks 3 days

I am wiped out. Time for a shower and bed!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Pics from the last few weeks

Here are some pics from the last few weeks.

Kortnee had a little slumber party with two of her friends, Riley and Kristina. They swam and had a great time!

Then later we ate nachos for dinner and then watched some movies. Here are all three of the girls cuddled on the small couch and Harley trying to get some cuddles while he had the chance.

Here is a cute pic of Kortnee lounging on the couch with the dogs.

And a cute one of Izzy curled up in her blanket.

And last but not least, here is a baby belly pic. This is at almost 20 weeks. I am half way there! I feel huge!

Friday, August 1, 2008

Everything is moving so fast now...

For starters, the Summer is almost over and Kortnee is going home in a week. Her daddy and I hate to see her go. We really have a great time together and this has been a wonderful summer. She and I went shopping last weekend for school clothes and I had so much fun. We went to the new Target and looked at baby things and then looked at maternity clothes and then bought a lot of stuff for her. We just took our time and browsed around and she got some really cute stuff.

All three of us like to laugh and there are times we laugh so hard that I cry. I LOVE those kinds of chuckles. I had one of those tonight and they always leave me feeling so good.

I went to the Dr again yesterday and the baby is still a girl. My laptop is on it's last leg so I don't have any pictures to post right now, but that issue is being addressed. Anyway, everything looks really good. The sonographer said she is the size of a coke can and her heart beat is in the 140's. I didn't get to see my OB b/c she was in surgery but the nurse still did all of the stuff we normally do.

I am REALLY showing now. I am constantly asking Chris, Korntee and my boss if I what I am wearing makes me look fat or pregnant. I almost look like I just have a beer belly but I am more rapidly rounding out now and it is becoming a lot more obvious that it is a baby. This week a client that didn't know came in and is the first person to notice and actually say anything. That is always exciting. :)

Lately I am consumed with finding a daycare I am comfortable with and finding bedding. I bought bedding today and Chris plans to paint next week while he is on vacation. I have found the daycare I really want to use but I fear that the waiting list will be so long that the baby won't get in until she is 3-6 months old. So I need to find an alternative until then. I have some options but I am still exploring which ones are best. It is so hard to make this decision about where we will send our baby when we haven't even met her yet!

We have a first name picked out but are still discussing a middle name. We love the first name and that is all that matters. The people we have told so far all have varying opinions but ultimately it is our decision and our daughter.

The other day Chris was sitting in the dining room watching the birds in the backyard and I came and sat on his leg to watch too. He had his hands around my waist and felt the baby move. He was so excited and I was so excited for him that he finally felt her. I feel it from time to time from the outside but her movements are still so sporadic that it is hard to catch it. I just wish that it would happen for Kortnee before she leaves. I know she would like that too.

Well, it is getting late and I have rambled on so off to bed for me!