Sunday, November 16, 2008

Boy time is flying now....

I find that the closer that I get to the end of my pregnancy the faster time seems to be flying by! I am 35 weeks today which only leaves me approximaely 5 weeks before Devin makes her appearance. More and more people, especially strangers, are asking me when our baby will be here. It is always the same types of questions. When are you due? Is this your first? How long are you taking maternity leave? Any weird cravings?

Week before last my boss and I went to a technology conference that we go to every year. Fortunately it was here in town at the Gaylord, or I would have had to miss it. It is always a wonderful conference and I am really glad I didn't have to miss it! We went a day early and visited the spa and pampered ourselves a little bit which was much needed after the October tax season we had this year. We met up with some of our local CPA friends and also saw some of the CPA's that we see every year at this conference. All in all, it was a wealth of information, a welcomed break from the office, the most enjoyable CPE that we get, and a lot of fun!

Yesterday a group of my friends and family threw my baby shower. I had a wonderful day and can't thank each of them enough for the things they did to make it special for me!

I didn't really get any pictures on my camera so I am waiting for some friends to email me theirs still. One that I got was of Chelsea and I. She is two weeks ahead of me and it has been nice to have a friend to be pregnant with and so close in our progress. We talk pretty often and compare what is happening. Here is a pic of us together.

From November 08

We got a ton of clothes and lots and lots of adorable girlie stuff! I went home afterwards and my aunt, cousin, and some friends came over and we went through all of the gifts again which was just as much fun as the first time. Chris got to see everything that time around and I got it sorted into some piles as you can see from the pictures. Now I have this fear that she will be a boy!

Me and my hubby
From November 08

Blankets, bibs, burping and bath
From November 08

Clothes and toys
From November 08

Travel and laundry
From November 08

And the most adorable dress from my mother in law
From November 08

I can't thank all of my friends and family enough for making it such a special day for me! Thanks to all involved in the planning as well as those of you who came to share our special day!

I will update more when I get more pics. For now I need to get dressed and run to my aunt's house to see my cousin off. Have a good weekend!