Thursday, May 22, 2008

The million dollar question...

Everyone has asked me if I am having morning sickness. That is always the first question I ask people when I find out that they are pregnant but this is the first time I have ever been on the receiving end so I had no idea everyone else asks the same thing. It makes sense though.

Fortunately, I am not puking my brains out but some days I feel more like I could. One of my many pregnancy books says that week 9 is when you hormones are at their worst so it isn't suprising to me that I have felt the most queasy this week. I am eating a lot trying to keep it at bay and that seems to really work but sometimes you just can't get full. I have felt sick a lot but luckily I have not thrown up. There are a lot of things I do when I can't get rid of that feeling. Try eating something. Carbs, unfortunately, seem to be the golden ticket for me. I seem to like acidic things like oranges and lemonade and limeade when I am not feeling well as well as carbonated drinks. I am allowed to take extra B6 and I had to resort to it yesterday. It really made a huge difference.

I had a particularly rough day yesterday. I think on top of letting myself get too hungry, I was exhausted from 3 nights worth of commitments this week that put me home after 9PM which has become my new bedtime, and a little added stress at work, I just hit a wall yesterday. Chris and I took a few days off this weekend for Memorial day and I got to sleep in today (thank you Izzy!) as well as take a nice long nap. I am feeling much better. Just really tired all the time.

We had a nice lunch and then looked at some furniture for our bedroom but didn't buy anything. Tonight we had a nice dinner and then came home and watched 27 Dresses which I loved! I think we are going to the cemetary to visit Chris' dad tomorrow. His birthday is this week and we haven't been recently. It is pretty hot here in Texas so I think a dip in the pool will be in order as well!

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