Friday, May 16, 2008

Counting our blessings

Wow! What an exciting day today has been. Chris and I had our first Dr appt today. We were the first appt of the day and Dr Bradford had a case this morning so she was running late. We went ahead and did all the questions and had bloodwork done. Then we sat for awhile in an exam room. Chris just about drove me crazy trying to push buttons and turn things on and off. He has never been in a room with stirrups and he was quite intrigued. She got there about an hour and a half after our appt and we started. The first thing she did was take me right in to do an ultrasound. Wow! It was so cool and such a relief to see that tiny little heart beating away. It brought a tear to both of our eyes. Then we did the rest of the exam and she went over all of the things I am not allowed to consume and all of the things I should not be doing. So Chris and I started telling people today after the appt. It was been really fun after three weeks of waiting to spill the beans!

I have been thinking about how blessed we are to finally get to have this joy in our life. For two years now we have been trying to get pregnant. It seems like when you are trying, everyone around you who is not trying as well as all of those who are, seem to get pregnant with no effort at all. It is so easy for some people and so hard for others. I knew our day would come and really didn't want to go the fertility route unless it was deemed necessary. I had actually made an appt with the fertility clinic to have everything checked out just two days before that positive test. I really feel like there is a reason that it is happening now and didn't happen before. Chris and I have been together in a relationship for over 9 years now, married for over 3. We have been through good times and bad times together. We have paid for a wedding and bought a house. We have had pets and enjoyed a lot of quality time with Kortnee. Our relationship has endured and grown over the years. It becomes more apparent to me everyday when I act a little bitchy, then appologize and Chris with no thought at all says, "your pregnant, I am just letting those things roll off my back." Never another thought or another mention of it. I couldn't ask for a more considerate, caring and understanding husband. He knows me and understands how out of control my hormones and feelings are. I feel like it means we can enjoy this process together that much more! And, he gets to be my hero each and every day because of it! So I think that we have grown as a couple and are now really ready to be parent's. It is finally our time!

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