Thursday, May 8, 2008

How can it be?

How can it be that I am so RAVENOUSLY hungry all the time? You would think I hadn't eaten in a week. I have tons of really healthy snacks I am eating numerous times daily and I am adding more by the day. At least I haven't gained any weight with all this eating, not even a pound. I am amazed at how fast your body starts sending you cues of what you need. Apparently mine needs lots of cheese. :) And all different kinds to boot.

On another note, last Sunday this cute little puppy was lost in our neighborhood. He kept wandering into our yard and rolling around. Chris is positive it is b/c Izzy was barking at him through the front window so he kept coming back to check her out. She is in fact the cutest thing he had ever laid his eyes on and a feisty little thing too. He was a little bit scared and wouldn't let me pick him up. I went out with some cheese and got him to eat it out of my hand but he would nip at me every time I tried to grab him. Eventually a lady drove by that had also seen him and she got out and tried to capture him with me. We finally got him by bringing Harley out who he tried to befriend in a not so appropriate way. This of course horrifies Chris to every extent of manliness he can think of. The lady took him to an emergency vet clinic who got in contact with the owners vet who got in contact with the owner who was here in town visiting a friend for the week. It turns out, this little dog had been missing since last Wednesday. The lady was very happy to see her pup and had been fearing for the worst. Although both of my dogs have microchips, it just reminds me of how important it is to have identification on your dog. I need to have new tags made for mine b/c Izzy likes to chew Harley's as well as her own. I think I will add my address to the new ones as well. I am just so glad this turned out to be a happy ending for that lady.

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