Saturday, June 27, 2009

A visit with Stella

One of our oldest family friend's daughter just had her first baby. She was in town while her husband was moving them cross country. I feel for her. I think a move with a 1 month old would have pushed me WAY over the edge! We had the pleasure of visiting with her and we even accompanied them to dinner, and later found out it was her first time to take Stella out to dinner, especially on a busy Friday night! As we know now, that is the best time to take them out. It is too loud to hear them if they cry and the noise usually lulls them to sleep, or all the action keeps them very occupied if they decide to wake up! She did great at dinner!

It's really fun to think about all of the future holidays together. We will go from having no kids, to having two little girls running around playing with each other much like we all played as children! I hope they have as much fun as we all did!

Here are a few pics I liked that I got of Stella before they told me enough with the flash already!

From Stella

From Stella

From Stella

Of course Devin was there playing on the floor.
From June 09


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