Friday, June 12, 2009

Harley and Izzy

Poor Harley and Izzy. They used to be the main babies of our home and now they seem to have taken a back seat to the action. Don't fret though, they are still just as loved and spoiled as they have always been, in fact probably even more so. They just don't seem to be the MAIN focus of the camera anymore is all.

When it comes to Devin, Harley is a little on the jealous side. He has gotten much better over the 6 months that she has been here, but he is really loving it that she goes to bed in her crib b/w 8 and 9 now which means he has at least an hour of cuddling time with mommy without Devin there to interrupt.

Izzy on the other hand absolutely loves her baby! I remember when we first got her, being worried that she might not be good with kids. If you have ever been to our house, you know the drill, she will rush you with her nonstop and very loud barking. If you will just ignore her and have a seat on the couch, within a few minutes, she will be climbing all over you. Izzy is very adoring of Devin. She is already such a kisser and cuddler. If we would let her, she would lick every last inch of our bodies as well as Devin's. She usually gets quite a bit of kissing and loving in before we have to stop her. She is especially interested in her mouth now that she has started solids and always has remnants to share. Neither Chris nor I are crazy about this so we don't allow more than the few initial licks she can get in before she is caught!

Here are a few recent ones of the puppies!

My little man is getting so old
From June 09

From June 09

She has turned into such a sweet gal
From June 09

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