Friday, August 13, 2010

20 Months

I know I wasn't planning on continuing to post these monthly updates, but it is so hard to stop when Devin is changing so much each day.

From Aug 10

*She wears size 2T clothes but I often buy 3T and even some 4T just so she can wear things again next Summer! That girl is tall and growing fast!
*Devin had been potty training for about a month now, and she is doing really well! Before we left for the beach, she went for three days with no accidents. Being on vacation was a little setback, but we are working diligently to get back to where we were.
*She wears a size 5 diaper at night.
*She wears size 6 shoes.
*Devin has 16 teeth now! All 4 of her canines finally started showing this month.
*Devin is saying new words almost daily now! In addition to the ones she was saying last month, she also says bubbles, tree, eat, a boo (a book), shoes, hot and so many more I can't even remember.
*I have been working with Devin on different types of animals and the sounds they make. She is so cute making the sounds that she knows.
*Devin can easily point to all of her body parts when you ask her where something is.

From Aug 10

*She has finally started sleeping through the night fairly consistently. There are nights she wakes up still which is to be expected, but she is getting much better in this department.
*Devin blows kisses like a champ now, and she will give hugs and kisses too if you ask her and she is in the mood.
*She has been throwing huge tantrums lately! I have started reading the the Raising Your Spirited Child book again lately. I know most of the stuff I have read because I was exactly the same as her growing up, but it is nice to be reminded that if I want to retain a minimal amount of fighting from her, I have to interact with her a little differently than I am inclined to sometimes, and I MUST remain patient.
*Going along with that, Devin is fiercely independent, when she wants to be, and she is extremely persistent. These traits will pay off immensely when she is older if we can teach her how to properly use them.
*Devin has come so far at the gym. During warm ups, she went from sitting on the floor and not participating at all, or insisting that I carry her, to participating 100%. She loves going to the gym and I plan to sign her up for another semester. It is a great Saturday morning out for us!
*Devin is a good eater and will try almost anything. Each night while Chris and I eat dinner, she sits at a chair at the bar with us and we give her bites of our food on her own spoon to try. It is a good way to give her tastes of things we may not necessarily serve to her otherwise. She loves it too!
*Devin went on her first longer road trip and she did so well! We were so proud of what a great little traveler she was and how well she adapted. Like the rest of us, she was exhausted when we got home, but she was a trooper through the entire trip with her schedule being completely thrown off!
*Devin is really into touching things and saying that they are hot. My mom mentioned that she thought I should teach her hot for her own safety so now she tries to touch anything that is hot and say hot. It seems to have backfired a little, but she definitely knows what hot means!
*Devin has started trying to blow her food when it is hot. It is the funniest thing you to watch!
*She also likes to go into the bathroom anytime she has been crying, get a Kleenex and blow her nose and wipe her eyes. She is such a little lady, it cracks me up!
*Devin is fully weaned. She nursed for the last time right around the 19 month mark and never looked back. She was down to once a day for a long time and I decided to stop offering and see if she would ask and she never did. I am a little sad but knew it would have to happen eventually.

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