Saturday, May 16, 2009

Sleeping Beauty

Here is my little sleeping beauty! I just love watching Devin sleep. She normally falls asleep on the couch every night while I am making dinner, then when she gets up a little later to eat, we do our bedtime routine and put her to sleep for the night. Speaking of sleep, we have finally started transitioning Devin from her Pack N Play in our bedroom to her crib in her own room. She has been taking naps in her crib since she was really young but mommy didn't want to have to travel so far during the night for the middle of the night feeding as well as any other waking that was tended to during the night.

Lately though, Devin has been kicking and flailing in her sleep. Apparently this is normal for babies her age as they are trying to reach a lot of developmental milestones and they practice in their sleep. All that kicking gets loud in our room in her Pack N Play and is starting to keep both Chris and I up during the night.

I ordered a video monitor so that I can check on her from our bed, really it is more for my own peace of mind, but helps me to not go open the door and fully wake her when she is really just sort of stirring in her sleep. Last night was the first night and it went about the same as any night in our room. Wish us luck that it continues this way!

Lately she doesn't really see the need for naps, no matter how hard we try. If we are lucky she will give is fron 20 minutes to an hour maybe. That can make the evenings tough sometimes!

You will notice in these pics that her feet on on mommy's lap. Sometime I have to physically hold her legs down so that she can fall asleep if she is still awake by the time we are eating. I feel for her. I have always had restless legs and horrible leg aches. I see a lot of this in our future with her unfortunately. At least I know what it was like and what it takes to make them feel better.
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