Saturday, May 16, 2009

Breast milk Slushies!

When we went to Devin's 4 month checkup, the pediatrician told us it was OK to start solids and best to start them between 4-6 months. With all of the reading and research I have done (you know me, the research Queen!), we decided we will wait closer to the 6 month mark to start solids. There are a lot of reasons to wait and I would rather not chance it with the increased potential for food allergies being my biggest concern. As soon as he told us that though, i decided it was time to order her a high chair and start getting her used to it. We have tried it out a few times while spoon feeding her breast milk. Today though we went for a breast milk slushy and she loved it! She kept opening her mouth for more bites! At least I know she will physically be ready for solids when we start them in a few weeks!

From May 09

From May 09

He she is eating her slush

And here I gave her the spoon to play with. It looks like she knows what to do with it already!

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