Monday, December 27, 2010

Spoiled rotten...

When Devin goes to her Nana and Diddo's house, she is spoiled rotten from the moment she walks through the door, until the moment I drag her to the car, usually kicking and screaming because she doesn't want to leave!

At home, Devin doesn't get to watch TV until after Dinner and only for about 1 hour per day. At my parent's house though, she requests the "TD" the second she walks through the door because she knows that if I don't stop them, my mom especially will give in pretty quickly!

Here she is sitting on her throne in their kitchen watching Big Bird I am sure!

From December 10

When she is in the TV zone, you are lucky if you can get her to listen to a thing you say, and never mind trying to get her to look at you.

From December 10

From December 10

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