Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Devin is so excited....

because she is going to become a big sister this Summer!!!

From December 10

From December 10

We are really excited too!

A few details:
*I am due July 4th!
*I have felt a lot worse with this pregnancy than I did with Devin.
*I have been way more exhausted...I wonder if it is because I am chasing a 2 year old around?
*I feel like it is taking more of a physical tole on my body....again, probably that 2 year old I am chasing around and lifting etc.
*It only took us one month to get pregnant this time compared to the almost 2 years it took us with Devin. What a blessing!
*If I ask Devin what's in my tummy she will tell me it's a baby and will kiss my tummy....I am not sure that she really understands what it means and I know she has no idea how it will affect her life, but she is making a start.

Chris and I feel so very blessed to be adding another child to our family! We just pray for a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby...and of course he is praying for a boy!


Christine Phillips said...

Wow! That is exciting news. Devon will be a wonderful big sister. I hope your pregnancy gets easier with time.


error7zero said...

Congratulations! Devon is still young enough to play with a sister or brother in a few years. Plus, maybe you can train Devon to chase after that two year old in that time.