Friday, December 10, 2010

2 Years Old!

Happy 2nd Birthday to my sweet baby girl who is growing up way too fast before my eyes!

From Devin's 2nd Bday

I can't believe what a big girl you have become. Here are some of your stats and what you have been up to lately...

*You are about 27 lbs
*You wear size 3T clothes and a size 7 shoe
*You have gotten both your canines and 2 or your 2 year molars now which brings you to a total of 18 teeth I think!
*You have become a very finicky eater lately...I think it has more to do with teeth coming in and the stage you are in than really being picky though.
*You are potty trained and really have very few accidents these days. You still wear a diaper for bedtime, but you often wake up dry!
*You are talking up a storm! You repeat pretty much everything we say these days.
*You are finally saying your name but it is only in third person to refer to yourself. I suppose it is better than hearing MINE all the time!
*You are very independent and stubborn and like to do things on your own accord. I try very hard to give you choices and to let you think things were your idea to get you to cooperate without a big fit!
*You are a great helper though so you love it when I give you a little job to do for me!
*You are so sweet and say "tank you mommy" totally unprompted most of the time when I give you something or do something for you.
*You also say "bwess you" when you hear someone sneeze.
*Sometimes if you cough or get hurt, you tell me "I'm OK mommy", and sometimes if I cough or get hurt, you ask me if I'm OK. You are such a sweet caring little girl!
*I love it when we are leaving the house and you bend down and give your dolls a kiss goodbye.
*You help me put the dogs away every morning and you love to give them their treats.
*You LOVE Sesame Street and constantly ask for the TD (TV) or Big Bird or Abby or Elmo which are all words that mean Sesame Street.

Devin, your daddy, sissy and I love you so much and couldn't imagine our life without you! Happy 2nd BIrthday big girl!

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