Wednesday, February 10, 2010

14 Months!

Devin is 14 months old already! I can hardly believe it!

Devin weighs around 23 pounds.

Devin is wearing size 12-18 clothes. I have been buying size 18-24 in anything else I buy at this point for winter so it will get her through the beginning of next Winter. I am also buying 18-24 months for summer stuff so it will get her through the Summer.

Devin is wearing a size 4 diaper.

Devin is wearing a size 5 shoe.

Devin has 9 teeth. That 8th and 9th tooth just came through a few weeks ago and is still making it's entrance. The 9th one is a canine!

Devin has gotten really good at using her spoon this month and loves to feed herself with it. At home, she often picks things that are not in her bowl up and drops them in her bowl so she can pick them up with the spoon too.

Devin likes to say hi, hi, hi to anyone who will look! She waves too! She also says momma, dadda, uh oh regulalry. She often repeats a word you say as well.

If I ask Devin to bring something to me, or to take something to daddy, she often understands what I am telling her and does it!

We are teaching Devin how to blow kisses and she tries to do it. It is so cute when she puts her hand to her mouth. She hasn't quite got it yet, but she tries when we are both showing her.

Devin is speaking all sorts of jibberish, forming some different letters and sounds together. I just wish I knew what language it was in because she carries on full conversations these days.

It has been tantrum central around our house lately. Devin was home all week last week with croup and may have gotten a little spoiled because she is throwing tantrums left and right now. I hope that ends soon.

I noticed a little picture on the wall that Devin had made at daycare so I decided to let her draw at home too. That has quickly become one of her favorite things to do these days. She has completely forgotten about her kitchen for the time being.

She still loves the animals and pets them constantly. Her petting has gotten a little harder this month, so we are having to really keep an eye on her with them.

She is such a little person these days and brings a smile to our faces every single day!

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