Friday, October 3, 2008

Technology is amazing!

It has been a very busy couple of weeks for me! It feels like I have been working nonstop which for the most part I have been. I did manage to take a weekend off and go to Austin to visit my cousin Awol. We had a great time together and it always nice to be with my seeester. Her friend Tali came over on Saturday and we did a maternity photo shoot along with some of Alison and some of the dogs. It was a lot of fun! I have only seen a few of the pictures and will post my favorite of those, but I know there will be a lot that I love whenever I get the rest!

From Maternity Shoot @ 27 wks-9/08

Hopefully by the next time I am able to blog, I will have the rest!

In other news, I went to the Dr. last Friday and had my glucose test. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be and everything came back great. No gestational diabetes for me which I am happy about. While I was there Dr. B asked me if I wanted to get a 4D sono and I told her I had been thinking about it and asked how much they are. She said it was on her! I had really been wanting to get one but it just didn't seem practical to spend the money on it with all of the other baby expenses we have coming up. Now that we have had one, I am not sure we will be able to not get one for our next child. Chris and I have both been a baby haze ever since. He wasn't as excited about it as I was beforehand, but man did that change afterwards. The sonographer said we got some really good shots, and that most babies don't cooperate and tend to cover their faces. I have since found out, many people are lucky if they get one or two good shots. I guess Devin was ready to be the star of the show that day! I can only imagine what this will mean when she is here. ;) Watch out daddy!

Here are a few of my favorites where she is smiling or it is just a really good view:

From 4D Sono @ 28 weeks

From 4D Sono @ 28 weeks

From 4D Sono @ 28 weeks

So who do you think she looks like? We can't wait to meet her and see if she actually she looks like the sono.

I hope she is as peaceful and happy when she gets here. I just can't get our precious baby girl's face out of my head now. Click HERE for the full album.

Well, time for bed. It has been a long week of working late and I have a long weekend ahead of me. Less than 2 weeks though and this tax season will officially be over.


Melissa said...

so sweet! you look great!

Mrs. Curlee said...

That is so awesome. She is already darling....not that I was doubting that she would be....look at her Momma!! Try to get some rest now girl.....cannot wait to meet her.