Sunday, September 14, 2008

Another week down...

Today I am 26 weeks along today. I guess that makes me about 6 1/2 months.

Last weekend my parent's came over and saw the nursery for the first time. They both loved it! My dad asked me if I had a glider yet or not and I told him no, it was something I was going to get soon, but hadn't done it yet. He told me that I was welcome to take the glider that he had at his house. Wow! This is a hospital grade glider and much nicer than anything I could ever afford to buy! I think at one time he was selling them and this was one of the models he had that was just being stored at the house. The baby kitties have been working hard to destroy just about everything in their house, including the glider, so he was glad to put it to good use as well as protect it from those razor sharp nails. I went by there this week to look at it and sit in it again. It had been a long time b/c it is usually covered by a fleece blanket that Mr Yaller and Whippy Lee slept on. They both passed away last year and the new kittens don't have the same appreciation for a comfy cozy spot I guess. Well, he wanted to load it up in my car right then and there, and I let him! I am going to find something to cover it with b/c the color really doesn't mesh well with the colors in the nursery, but it is a great addition to our room. We even considered putting it in the living room, but the setup just didn't allow for it.

Last weekend I went to Gallery Night with Mara. I have always loved Gallery Night even though I tend to visit all the same galleries numerous times throughout the year. Although I couldn't drink this year (there is free wine and snacks at all of the galleries), I enjoyed looking at stuff and seeing people out and about that I never see otherwise. That is one of the wonderful things I love about Fort Worth, the rich arts district. After we had been toa few galleries, Chris, Todd and Bianca met up with us for dinner. That little Bianca is so cute and she was so well behaved. Everytime we have gone out to eat with her she has always been pretty well behaved but Todd and Mara tell us otherwise. It kind of reminds me of my own childhood. Edward and I were perfect angels anytime we got the chance to go to a friend's house, but then when we got home, all hell broke loose! I think we both liked to get out of the house and be with other people and so we made sure to maintain perfect behaviour so we would be invited back again. I bet she has already figured out this trick!

Last night we met some friends at Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner. This is by far my favorite wings place and I am so happy they are opening one down the street from where we live! We stayed there for a long time and had a lot of good laughs. I always have a great time with this group of friends. We realized last night that one of the guys there loves to hunt, and a lot like Chris, hasn't in years b/c he doesn't have a place to go to or people to go with. Chris was so excited to find this bit of info out and was already trying to set up a weekend for them to go to the lease. Hopefully that will work out b/c I would love for Chris to have someone to hunt with from time to time. I hate for him to go by himself, it is just so dangerous to be out in the woods with no one else around.

Here are some recent belly pics:
This is at about 25 weeks:

From Sono and Belly Pics

And at about 26 weeks:

From Sono and Belly Pics

Just for kicks, here is a video of the princess Izzy. Little does she know, there is about to be a new princess ruling the roost! I think she was trying to get a blanket. She is a cold natured little thing and not very good at sharing so she wanted the blanket Chris has to herself. She is telling me about it here.
Is she not the goofiest thing? I tell you what, this dog has a personality all her own!

Well, I have rambled long enough. It is time for me to start doing all of my Sunday chores!

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