Sunday, October 26, 2008

Finally a little free time....

So that past few months have been extremely busy to say the least. With the end of tax season, which was probably the worst October 15th deadline we have had in years, came a lot of long hours and no free time what so ever! We managed to meet our deadline though somehow. I am just glad it is over! We needed someone to help us with some of our easier returns last year but Chris and I pulled together and worked a lot of extra hours and managed to get them all done between the 2 of us. Once I found out I was pregnant though, it became obvious to us that neither of us wanted to or would be able to work those kinds of hours every year so we hired a new person to help us with the taxes and learn a lot about everything else while in the process. He has been a great addition to our team so far and I think we both feel he will do a great job in the coming months in helping us keep the workflow moving while I am working more minimal hours in the first months of Devin's life.

So since I last posted we have had a lot of happenings. I had my 30th birthday which was spent working but was a great one. Chris came in that morning with flowers, a card and even got me a cake. I worked that night at home b/c that weekend Chris took me to Bonnell's which is a restaraunt with a lot of wild game on the menu. It was wonderful! I had the pepper crusted buffalo and Chris had elk. He was suffering from a sinus infection and started to not feel well while at dinner so he didn't enjoy his until the next day, but the food was fabulous and neither of us can wait to go back!

The next week came both the long anticipated arrival of Elaine as well as our 4 year wedding anniversary. Chris and I celebrate both of our anniversaries b/c we put in almost 6 years before we ever got married....I can't believe that this March we will have been together for 10 years! An entire decade!

My dad and I went to the airport with Edward to pick up Elaine. It was a great experience and I am glad I wasn't too exhausted from the long night before at work to go. Elaine's family here was at the airport as well. It was an exciting night for all of us! I will post some pictures in another post.

The next night was our anniversary and my parent's took all of us out for dinner.

Then I took Thursday and Friday of last week off to do some personal things, a little nesting included. I had been dying to get some work done on the nursery so I spent a good deal of the day on Thursday and Friday working on it. Although I haven't bought any baby stuff yet, the nursery is done with the exception of a few minor details. I LOVE it in there. I will post some of those pics in another post as well.

Then this weekend Chris and I hosted a welcoming party for Elaine at our house. It was a chance to get her and her family here together with all of our family here and for everyone to meet Elaine. I was so busy doing everything else that I never quite remembered to get my camera out. I think Elaine's aunt may have gotten a few pictures though so I will have to see if they can send them to me.

I am sure I am leaving out a ton but this is probably a long enough post for now! I will post some pictures in seperate entries.

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