Saturday, June 7, 2008

Swimming with BB...

BB came over a few weeks ago and again this week. Todd and Mara brought me all of Mara's maternity clothes to borrow. I am finally getting to the point that things really aren't fitting anymore so I went through them all this weekend. Mara is much smaller than me so a lot of them didn't fit, but about 1/3 of them will do me many months of good! Thanks Mara!

Anyway, while BB was here a few weeks ago, we dipped her feet and legs in the pool. She seemed to enjoy it.

Then they had to strip her down b/c she managed to get drenched and she ran around in her diaper with every ball she could find throwing them for the dogs. They LOVED it!

So Todd brought her over again for a real swim. She got a booboo on her eye from a mean little boy at the gym daycare. It was hard to tell what she thought of the huge bathub today.

Chris and I both love it when BB comes over and we get to play with her. She is so sweet and a lot of fun.

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