Thursday, June 12, 2008

12 Weeks Dr. Appt

Chris and I went for my 12 week appt today. Again, it was amazing! Today we got another sonogram. I just can't believe the huge difference from 8 to 12 weeks. The first one wasn't as close up but I don't think the baby's features had really developed anyway. Today we got a great pic of the profile. Our baby looks a lot less like a lima bean or an alien and a lot more like a real human baby.

We could see our little sprout moving around on the sono. I saw it's arms move a couple times. We did look between it's legs but it is a little early to tell what the sex will be. In the picture, which I have been looking at all day by the way, you can see it's spine, nose and some of the facial features if you look close enough. I am absolutley amazed by this technology! They said we are using 12/23 as my due date but I know when we conceived and I am sticking with 12/21! That could change later though anyway and I measure differently every time.

We got to hear the heartbeat which was in the 160's. It sounded like a helicoptor taking off. They said that all babys have a pretty fast heart beat at this stage and that she could see the wheels turning in my head about the old wives tale but that this wasn't a good one to base it off of. We are both hoping they will be able to tell the sex at our next visit on 7/3 instead of having to wait until 20 weeks. I will be almost 16 weeks by then so there is a chance if we are lucky and the baby cooperates.

It is really starting to settle in that this is real and not something we are dreaming about still. I got past the worrisome 12 week mark and everything checked out really well at the appt today and I am really starting to breath a sigh of relief. Kortnee seems to be more and more receptive of this change. She is a typical 12 year old so I am pleased with her response thus far. Just feeling her out still to make sure she doesn't have any worries or concerns about this life changing event. I know she will be excited to be a big sister and will be the best big sister ever!

I am also starting to get a baby bump. I have been buying a few maternity clothes here and there and looking for good deals on them. Dresses seem to be my favorite this year since skirts just aren't as comfy anymore.


Mrs. Curlee said...

What a hottie! I am so happy for you!!

Melissa said...

So exciting! We rented a doppler when I was pregnant and I returned it as soon as I felt her moving. I bet it is a girl, I believe the old wives tale!