Thursday, April 14, 2011

Diddo's Little Helper

Devin is such a little helper. While at Nonna and Diddo's house a few weeks ago, she was helping Diddo work on his bike. It was too cute not to capture. I am pretty sure her job was to spin the pedels while he put the oil on the chain and I am sure she did a great job of it!

From March 11

From March 11

I see a little Boney Jean in the making. When I was young Diddo had a bike store and I spent ever Saturday that I could at the store with Diddo working. I always joke that I spent all day Saturday's at his bike shop and my job was to take a rag and dust all the bikes. There were probably around 50-100 of them from what I remember. He would pay me $1 but then I had to pay for my own drink for the day next door at Eckerd's. :) I guess inflation has really changed that!

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