Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Lately Devin has been doing some really silly things that I don't want to forget about.

* The other night when I was putting her to sleep, I noticed she was pretending to snore like we do when we pretend to sleep. She has also been doing this in the mornings once she wakes up but isn't really ready to get out of bed yet.

* Devin has discovered this book we have that is a little girl asking her mommy, "Do princesses .......?" and the mommy has a different answer for each question. She loves this book and we have to read it twice every night before bed.

* I am pretty sure because of the princess book, Devin has decided she is a princess. The other night I was trying some of last Summer's clothes on her to see if they would still work, and with each outfit, she ran around the house skipping and saying "I'm a princess, I'm a princess!" I also heard her tell her teachers "I'm a princess" the other day when she went into her classroom in her super cute dress that they were noticing.

* Devin is super sweet and caring. If you say ouch or get hurt, she always asks "Mommy are you OK?" She also tells the cats and dogs "It's OK ...." if they are meowing or doing anything that might mean they aren't.

* Devin asks me all the time, "Mommy, do you hear that sound?" I always ask her what she hears.

* If Devin doesn't want to do something, she says " I can't go to bed" or "I can't go potty". We have a lot of I can't going on...I guess it is better than NO!

* If Devin is watching TV and you get in the way, she always says "move back"!

* If Devin thinks something is funny, she will either say "I funny" and laugh at herself hysterically or claim "Mommy, you funny" which I always answer back with "No, your funny!" and we go back and forth with it.

* Lately Chris and I have really been encouraging her to go potty without our help most of the time. She had gotten to where she wanted us to read to her every time we she went in there. Now she goes by herself, but she wants the door closed and wants us to leave as soon as we come to check on her. This is great except for the fact that she only wipes about half the time, and tends to pull her pants up without wiping even if she has pooped. We are diligently working on this one still, but man the independence of that girl! Thankfully she still tells us when she is going into the bathroom so we can easily be on guard.

* A few days ago when putting Devin in her carseat, she was bouncing and dancing to the music on the radio and then I realized she was also singing all of the words to the song! I always thought she was just talking to herself in the back seat but she is back there singing along!

I am amazed everyday by all of her silly little things she says and does and the new things she comes up with on a daily basis and certainly don't want to forget them!

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