Sunday, April 17, 2011

Backyard Picnics

Chris has been working really late a lot since it is staying dark longer. We are lucky if he gets home at night before Devin goes to bed. It means I am on single parent duty a lot at night, and the time between getting home from work/school and bedtime is pretty darn hectic.

The weather is gorgeous right now, not too hot and not cold. We always go outside when we get home and let the dogs out and clean the pool basket etc etc. Lately, Devin wants to stay outside since the weather is nice. She recently got a water table so a lot of times, I put the table in front of the kitchen window, fill it up, and let her play out there while I start dinner inside and watch her through the window.

She often goes ands its at her little table outside and asks to eat dinner out there too. Who could resist that?! It also makes me take the time to sit with her while she eats which is nice when it is hard to slow down during busy nights.

Baked potato soup has become a new favorite of hers...
From March 11

Chicken nuggets and grapes are ALWAYS a favorite as well...
From March 11

We are enjoying this warmer not too hot weather so much. This is my favorite time of year. We are not looking as forward to the super hot Summer but I would prefer that and swimming over the cold any day!!!!

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