Tuesday, March 29, 2011

26 Weeks

I can't believe I am already 26 weeks pregnant! This pregnancy has been flying by this time around! I am sure it is because a certain little girl I know keeps me busy busy busy all the time! Chris and I have been discussing names and have pretty much decided on one. Things have been going really well!

Here I am just a few days before I hit the 26 week mark!
From Sono & Belly Pics-2010

Here I am about the same time when I was pregnant with Devin...
From Sono and Belly Pics

* I have gained 11 pounds. I had gained 16 pounds by this point with Devin.
* I am having horrible sciatic nerve pain in my left hip which is almost crippling at times! Especially when Devin insists that I "sit down" and "read it" while she is using the potty.
* I am also having a lot of leg aches and restless legs. I started taking Slow Mag yesterday at my Dr's suggestion so hopefully that will help!

From Sono & Belly Pics-2010

* I had a Dr's appt last week and my cervix looks great, about the same as it did at this point with Devin and my placenta which was lying low early on this time seems to have corrected itself.
* I have had a very stuffy nose for what seems like months now. Who knows if it is allergies or just pregnancy induced, both I am sure!
* I have been snoring a lot more this time around and much earlier. I am sure it is because I can't breath through my nose at night! Poor Chris!
* I am wearing both regular and maternity clothes. I wear maternity jeans and shorts and regular skirts and dresses. Shirts are a little of both, but I am finding a lot of the regular shirts I wore with Devin at this point aren't working this time around, especially with maternity jeans/shorts that have that obvious band. I feel like I am carrying lower this time, and of those shirts that I still have, I am sure they have also shrunk some too!
* I have been craving sweets, cheese and red meat...a lot like with Devin. I am really hungry all the time right now!
* Baby boy has been moving all over the place lately!!!

From Sono & Belly Pics-2010

We are so so excited to meet our little boy but I have a feeling it will be here before I know it with as fast as things are going by this time!

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You look great!

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