Saturday, April 10, 2010

16 Months

A little late but better than never. I love to look back over the months and see the sweet things that Devin was doing each month.

From April 10

*Devin weighs 24 pounds.

*I have been buying Devin size 18-24 month clothes for the Summer and the beginning of next winter, although they are a little big still.

*She is still wearing a size 4 diaper.

*She is in a size 5 shoe.

*Devin usually only wakes up once at night to nurse still.

*Devin is down to nursing about 3 times a day. First thing in the morning, last thing before we start the bedtime routine and once at night. I am soon going to start the night weaning process once I have Chris on board to help me with it.

From April 10

*Devin still has 12 teeth. She has been biting and drooling a lot lately so I wouldn't be suprised if there are some more making the way out!

*When I ask her for a kiss and make kissy noises, she leans her forehead in for me to kiss without fail! This is the most common place that I kiss her. So sweet!

*One of Devin's latest words is huh? She also says ya all the time instead of yes.

*Devin loves to get my cell phone, or the remote, and put it up to her ear and talk on it. Sometimes she hands it to me to talk as well.

*Devin is all about shutting doors right now. She closes the bathroom door when we are in there and her bedroom door.

*Devin also likes to reach up and try to open doors. I can see that is the next thing we will be childproofing.

*Devin is starting to point to some of her body part's when asked. Sometimes she knows where her nose is, her tummy and her eyes.

*Grandmommy has told me more than once that when she eats at her house, Devin insists on using the sponge to "help" her clean off her chair she eats in.

From April 10

*I often find that she has placed a book on the diaper pale for us to read which I think is just the sweetest thing ever. This is where I put them each night so it is her way of helping me get her ready for bed.

*I got these foam letters for bathtime and she LOVES them. She tries to stick them to the wall the entire time she is taking a bath and hands me all the other toys to put away. She makes this really silly sort of fake laugh when she is sticking letters to the wall!

*I feel like we are stuck in a rutt with the foods I am feedind her for dinner so I have branched out lately with some new stuff. Homemade pizza's, tacos etc.

*These days, I mix Devin's veggies in with her food, put it all on a plate and give her a spoon. As long as she has a spoon, she will eat pretty much whatever I give her!

From April 10

*I FINALLY got her hair pulled back with a bow and I LOVE it! It needs a rubberband to keep the bow in, but it sure is cute!

*She has been helping me pick up more often lately and I have also noticed her playing with toys that she has never shown interest in before because they were for a little older kid.

*Devin LOVES to play outside. Right now while it isn't too hot yet, she spends every evening playing outside with daddy.

*We got Devin a few larger balls to play with. She has had a lot of fun learning to bounce them and throw them to us.

I am amazed each day by all of the new things she seems to be doing! Everyday is an adventure with our little girl! She is really starting to seem like such a little girl, with hardly any baby left in sight!

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