Monday, October 5, 2009

Chow Time

I know it probably seems like I post a lot of pics/videos of Devin is true, that is our current obsession. I never knew that when my child would start eating table food both how exciting and scary it is! She still gags when she gets too big of bites which is all her teeth are good for, but she loves to eat and does really well. We really aren't feeding her any purees anymore.

This was a cute video Chris sent to me the other night of him and her talking while she ate. She talks about her dada ALL.THE.TIME! Sometimes in the middle of the night when I am putting her back to sleep and she has drifted off, she will even say his name in her sleep!

And a few from my parent's house last week. My parent's had just as much fun watching her eat as Chris and I do...not sure if that makes them just as crazy or not. It really is fun to watch their expressions and see how they act about different foods!

From September 09

From September 09

From September 09

These are all pics/videos from our phones so excuse the quality! I have some more on my camera I need to add.

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