Monday, October 19, 2009

10 Months Old!

From October 09

I cannot believe Devin is 10 months old! What is she up to these days?

Devin weighs 19-20 pounds and is almost 30 inches long!

Devin wears a size 3 diaper but can also wear a 4.

Devin is in 9-12 month clothes!

Devin is no longer eating any purees. It happened almost overnight that she went from us feeding her purees to her feeding herself table foods. She really enjoys meal times these days. It is especially fun when we got out to eat and she gets something from our plate as well!

Devin is saying more and more words that sound like something. She says mama, dada, and dog. She also says what sounds like "I did it" and "I see".

Devin is obsessed with the animals. She loves to pet them and play with them any chance she gets.

Devin dances when she hears music she likes....I think she gets that from her momma!

It amazes me how fast Devin is growing up. She just seems like such a big girl these days. She has a little mind of her own and is so deliberate in her actions. And the best part is that she is such a happy little girl!

From October 09

From October 09

Our baby girl is such a joy to us!

In this video she is just barely dancing..but you can see her bouncing a little

And in this one if you listen closely at the beginning you can hear her say "I did it"

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