Sunday, December 7, 2008

Nesting...or something like it!

I think I must be nesting. Chris doesn't agree b/c his idea of me nesting is having an amazing amount of energy and being Super Woman and my idea is having about 100 lists of things to get done and having the energy to get a lot done but there is no possible way I could get 100% of it done without his help. What he must not realize is that I am already Super Woman around here anyway and there is not a lot of extra free time left to add anymore things to do. So I have found that the best way to get him to do some of the things I have asked him to do a few times is to just do it myself, while making a racket, and when he realizes I have climbed up on a stool and am in a compromising position he does it for me and asks me whatever else I want done in that room. He has been playing his video game so much that he is oblivious to how much I have already accomplished! I did finally get him to move some heavy items out of the closet in the nursery so I could finish putting things away and getting things ready.

I went and got a haircut and a fabulous pedicure yesterday. They were both most needed. I had planned on the haircut and the other night, while I was having a burst into tears moment, Chris suggested I get a pedi too b/c my feet are so swollen and hurt and they had an opening so I took it. The lady I go to used to work for a podiatrist so she always does an awesome job and gives the best foot massages ever!

Well, I am off to clean the house top to bottom and organize some cabinets in the kitchen! I would love it if I could get Chris to paint the laundry room and our bedroom. Those are the only rooms untouched...but I think that might me wishful thinking. Poor guy, good thing for him that this will be over pretty soon. He isn't used to the "extra" amount of work I have for him to do lately! I think I might make some banana bread this morning too if I have all the ingredients I need.

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