Monday, December 29, 2008

Almost 3 weeks old...

First of all, I hope everyone had a Happy Holidays! We sure's my dad with he and his friend Johnny's creation!
From December 08

It is hard to believe our little girl is already almost 3 weeks old! Things have been going well and having a newborn has been a lot of fun and a little exhausting as well. Chris and I are both adjusting to the interrupted and no sleep thing still...especially me who does all of the feeding since I am nursing and he has to go to work.

Devin's favorite pastimes are looking at herself in the mirror, any mirror will do! She reaches for herself in the mirror which she loves to do while listening to music that has been likened to being on a tropical island which is the case when in her tummy time toy. She makes faces at whoever is holding her. Our favorite faces are the ones that usually result in a dirty diaper but the faces are so cute and that smile would make anyone smile with her! At times she will make eye contact and maintain it for a minute. I always smile and look back. She doesn't cry much unless she is hungry or mad but is quite fussy and gassy which we think go hand in hand. She also likes to look at the fan and lights on the Christmas tree which unfortunately will be coming down soon. She can grab onto certain toys if you place them in her hand.

I am still in a baby daze and find my days are gone before I know it. When you ask Kortnee what she thinks about her little sister she always replies with "she's ok" but Chris and I have both heard her holding her and cooing and singing to her so we know she is growing on her...slowly but surely! She has been an awesome helper being here although I know she is probably bored b/c we usually go go go the entire time she is here.

Here are some recent pics. It is hard to pick just a few but there are more in my album.

Go Auburn Tigers! Daddy's favorite college football team.
From December 08

In her bonnet Grandma Cherry gave her
From December 08

With her boyfriend Gavin. I had a picture with her at my shower when we were both pregnant.
From December 08

With Daddy
From December 08

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Mrs. Curlee said...

What a doll. I just want to squeeze her. I will come by next week with just the little guy! Happy New Year!