Monday, May 10, 2010

17 Months

Time is flying by! Devin is already 17 months month she will be a year and a half and before I know it, she will be graduating from high school! :( This has been a really fun month with Devin! She is growing up so fast and picking up on everything these days!

From May 10

*Devin weighs 24 pounds.

*Devin has mostly outgrown all of her 18 month clothes and is in 24months/2T now.

*She is still wearing a size 4 diaper.

*She is in a size 5 shoe but I am trying to decide is she needs to move up to a 6. I think her issues is that she likes to walk on her toes but it is hard to say.

*Devin is still nursing about 3 times a day. First thing in the morning, last thing before we start the bedtime routine and once during the night.

*Devin still as 12 teeth and this past month let me start brushing them with a real toothbrush rather than the finger brush.

From May 10

*When we are in the car and a good song comes on, I often see her bopping her little head and even moving her little shoulders along with the music. Her daddy has shown her how to do it, but she obviously has her mommy's urge to dance to great music!

*One night when she wasn't wanting to eat, I decided to let her try out a was a huge hit with her! She loves forking her food now and another way to get her to eat when she decides she isn't interested.

*While we were on vacation, her cousin gave her a baby doll which we have named Baby Olive after her baby cousin. She takes such good care of that baby. I have seen her trying to pull the blanket between it's legs as if she is diapering it. We have seen her washing it's hands. She also wraps her in her blanket and loves on her baby doll like I love on her.

*Recently she found an empty box I had thrown down on the ground to throw away the next time I went into the kitchen. She picked the box up and went right to it's normal home under the bathroom sink and tried to put it away.

*She is starting to know the uses of paper towels/Kleenex/hand towels etc.

*If you hand her a paper towel after she has been eating she will wipe her mouth.

*If you give her a Kleenex she will blow her nose. That is her most recent obsession since it has been running this week.

*If you wash her hands, she wants a towel to dry them off with.

*After that, she often drops the towel on the floor to dry the water she dripped on the floor after seeing me do it numerous times.

From May 10

*She follows me into the bathroom every chance she gets and tries to give me toilet paper to wipe with. I let her flush the potty and then we always wash our hands. She LOVES the hand washing part for some reason and then wiping them on a towel.

*She is really starting to follow directions. I often ask her to put her shoes away and she will carry them to her room and put them in the drawer. If I ask her to help clean up she will start putting things in their place. If I ask her to take something to daddy etc or go get something she will often do it.

*Every morning when it is time to go to school/work, I ask the dogs if they want a treat which means to get in your bed. Devin now runs to their crates to help me give them their treats. If I don't get there first, she climbs into Harley's bed and we have a huge fight getting her out. :)

*Devin is talking a ton lately. It is still mostly gibberish, but she talks non stop and has tone and voice inflection. She definitely understands what we are saying but doesn't know how to talk back yet.

*Devin shakes her head yes and no all the time and says ya for everything that is a yes.

*Devin gives hugs and kisses when you ask her for them.

*Devin has been blowing kisses with her daddy for a month or two. Last week my mom kept her for me 2 afternoons. As she leaves, she waves non stop. My mom blew her a kiss and Devin finally blew a kiss back to someone else!

*I put piggy tails in Devin's hair this month and both Chris and I think it is the cutest thing ever!

*We introduced peanut butter a few weeks ago. She has had it a few times now and loves it!

*Devin has really started figuring out how to play with her shape sorter as well as puzzles and is getting better and better at getting the right pieces in the right places.

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