Wednesday, March 10, 2010

15 Months Old!

Devin is 15 months old! Wow, where did the time go?

*I have been buying Devin size 18-24 month clothes for the Summer and the beginning of next winter, although they are a little big still.

*She is still wearing a size 4 diaper.

*She is in a size 5 shoe.

*Devin usually only wakes up once at night to nurse but has been waking up a little earlier for the day lately at 6:15 or so.

*Devin still nurses 4-5 times a day and show no signs of stopping. I have tried, unsuccessfully, to drop another session but she won't have it!

*Devin now has 12 teeth. 4 molars all came through all of a sudden all at once!

*Devin had her first dentist appointment too and did so well! She let him look in her mouth and with only a little fussing, even let him clean her two front teeth a little!

*Devin loves to shake her head yes or no when you ask her questions. I love the expression on her face when she is doing this too.

*Devin is really starting to repeat a lot of words. There are some she says all the time and a few she has just said once or twice. Among the words she was already saying, now she says hi doggy, stop kitty, hi Izzy, hi Harley, I got a hi sissy out of her other night and the other day they said she repeated her teachers name Johnson and looked at the door she just walked out of.

*Ever since Devin was sick for a week with croup at the beginning of February, she has been crying a lot more at daycare. They say it is totally normal and it was much worse for the first two weeks after returning. Those teeth all coming through couldn't have helped either! She finally had a good week last week and I am keeping my fingers crossed that for the most part, we have turned the corner.

*Devin has REALLY formed an opinion of her own and it usually doesn't agree with ours. She is throwing tantrums left and right which often include limp legs and falling wherever she falls, or laying on the floor and banging her head on the floor or wall. I have to just laugh inside because I know good and well that this is years and years of those threats my mother made about having a child just like me coming back to haunt me.

*Every time I give Devin a bath, I put her on the potty to see if anything happens since she often goes in the tub otherwise. Often, she will go pee pee in the potty and she is so proud of herself! Last week when she was done, she reached for the toilet paper so I gave her some because I tell her all the time she only gets to have it when she goes pee pee in the potty. She proudly took it and tried to wipe herself!

*Devin has become a pickier eater. They say it is very normal at this age and I see it! She has control over what items on her plate she actually puts in her mouth and she uses that control. Sometimes I can get her to eat more with a spoon and a bowl. She is pretty much boycotted vegetables lately unless I am feeding her tiny little bites from my plate. She is all about pasta!

*Devin knows where the cheerios and snacks are on top of the fridge and if she is still hungry or wants a snack, she points towards them and speaks in her language about them.

*Devin enjoys playing independently. She plays well alone at home and they tell me she plays well alone at school too.

*Since the weather has been so nice lately, Devin's favorite place to be is playing outside!

It is so hard for me to believe what a big girl she is becoming!

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