Monday, September 14, 2009


I know I have fallen behind on blogging lately. It always happens this time of year. I am under the September 15th deadline and then another one on October 15th which leaves me working until the minute I have to leave to pick Devin up on time and then not having a chance to sit down until after she is in bed and I am showered. Then there are always bills and other responsibilities that I have to catch up on since a lot of my weekends are spent working at home as well.

Anyway, I promise new pics will be posted soon, hopefully by this weekend! But I thought I would put a little teaser up for the time being.

Devin loves her baby mum mum's! We are gradually working on feeding her more than just purees and she seems to be pretty receptive! There is one thing for sure, this girl loves to eat!

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