Saturday, September 19, 2009

9 Months Old!

From September 09

I can't believe Devin is 9 months old already! What is she up to you ask?

Devin weighs about 18-19 pounds...I need to weigh her again!

She is still in a size 3 diaper.

Devin is still wearing her 6-9 month clothes b/c I don't want to buy anymore summer stuff, but not all of it fits anymore! We have bought a few things for when it is a little cooler but not cold in 12 month sizes and the rest I have gotten is 18 months. She will outgrow all of her stuff before the winter is over if I got it all in 12 months...hope it isn't HUGE on her!

Devin has 2 more teeth on the top making a grand total of 4 now!

Devin started calling me ma ma from time to time. She has been saying da da for a few months.

Devin is eating a lot more these days. She loves her cheerios and has had more and more table foods.

Devin has perfected her pincer grasp and is quite efficient at getting food into her mouth.

Devin laughs, squeals and kicks her legs with excitement all the time. She does this every morning when we get to school. She does it anytime something is exciting to her.

Devin is into EVERYTHING these days! Her favorite thing to do that she isn't supposed to is try race to the animal water bowl and see if she can splash in it before I catch her!

Devin can stand up on just about anything, whether there is anything to actually grab onto or not.

Devin is starting to balance on one leg and one knee with both hands holding toys.

I have caught her letting go of whatever is supporting her a few times this week.

Looks like we will be in trouble before long!

I can't believe my beautiful daughter is already almost a year old! The time has flown by!

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Katy said...

She's darling! Thanks for adding me to your blog. Andi Jean is pushing up and will be crawling any day.