Tuesday, February 3, 2009

8 weeks...no way!

I tell you what, this baby is growing up way too fast for me. I am not sure I like the speed at which all of this goes. I will say that each new day brings more new fun discoveries which we are all enjoying immensely.

Things are going well in the Morris household. I started working from home a few weeks ago, with a week break in between when my aunt passed away, and it is going pretty well. Devin goes back to the pediatrician next week and starts going to daycare the week after. I am not looking forward to not spending my entire day with her while I work, but I am convincing myself (because I have no other choice) that it will be good for both of us.

Everyone asks me if I will be taking her to work with me. I am so incredibly fortunate to have a boss that would let me do this. The problem is that I would most likely get even less accomplished there than I do at home where I have all of her stuff...plus, in the office I can't walk around nursing her with no regard for anyone else. I may be eating my words in a few weeks when I have to leave my precious baby girl with someone other than myself, but I have to be realistic about the next few months ahead of me and how busy they will be. I have been fortunate enough to be able to stay home with Devin until she is almost 10 weeks old though. I couldn't ask for a better situation. I think about all the moms who return to work at 6 weeks and I am still not sure I am fit for work at 10 weeks. More on that one later though.

So I have become more and more brave about venturing out on my own. Kortnee went out one day with me and Devin when she was only 2 weeks old. Thank god for Kortnee b/c I was still in a total baby daze and could barely function. She held everything together for me on that little outing and laughed about how silly I acted. I am sure she was just so glad to get out of the house for a few hours that she would do anything! Then my cousin went out with me when she was about 4 weeks old. We took the stroller in one store and Devin proceeded to fall apart. I handled it all just fine but it was nice to know there was someone there to help me if I needed it and helped to confirm that I could indeed handle being on my own. So since then we have been out quite a bit. I have found that I prefer to wear her in my Moby wrap if there will be no weird lifting like getting water at the store. I always get a lot of comments about her and how cute it is etc etc. Even men comment on how I am wearing her and how neat the wrap is. She even went for my weekly grocery shopping this past weekend with me b/c Chris was working diligently on his most fabulous ribs for the Super Bowl which needed his full attention.

We have started meeting people for lunch and Chris and I have even gone out to dinner with her a few times. Life seems like it is all falling into place with a very loose routine. Last week Devin and I went to a Mommy and Me Nia class that we both really enjoyed. I got some exercise while she got a GREAT nap!

As for being fit for returning to work...last weekend Chris and I got dressed up and ready for a party we were invited to. We drove all the way there only to discover that there were no other cars, and we were at least 30 minutes later than the start time. I looked at my email on my phone only to discover that it was the next weekend! OOOPPPSS! Chris was a great sport and just laughed about it but it was so unlike me to make such a mistake!

OK, enough of the rambling...on to the pictures!

Here is a video from today. It is way longer than I want but I don't know how to shorten them. We just discovered an extra button on Devin's mirror today and she really liked it as you can see...she coos and smiles as it plays in the beginning. Then Izzy joins in which is distracting.

Here she is in the moby wrap:
From January 09

From February 09

And her newest accomplishment is sitting in the Bumbo and having a taste of her elephant!

From February 09

From February 09

And happy to see daddy!

From February 09

From February 09


Melissa said...

Yeah, I have been dying to see more pics. She is so adorable, and you look sooo happy!!

Mrs. Curlee said...

LOVE the Moby wrap. She is just too cute. If you need to feed her in public, i.e. your office, you really need to get a Hooter Hider! I have one and just LOVE it. I fed Grafton in the booth at Chili's the other day and no one was the wiser....or at least they were not bothered by it!