Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Cooper-10 weeks old!

Oh what a bad mommy I have been! I am sure I had updated on Devin multiple times by this point in her life and Cooper has only gotten a birth story! So I am going to give some stats so I will have them. As much as I have tried to catch up, I am still a little behind!

From September 11

*Cooper weighs about 12 pounds. He is in the 65% on weight and the 97% on height, but I can't remember what that measurement was.
*He is wearing size 3 month clothes but is about to move to 6 and 3-6 month because he is so tall!
*Cooper is in a size 2 diaper.
*Cooper LOVES to smile and coo! He laughs too. He loves to watch his sister and she loves that he loves her.
*He seems to be gaining more and more head control every day. He does pretty well with it now but his head still seems pretty heavy to him.
*Cooper loves to lay on the floor and watch the fan and everyone moving around him. He can be happy doing this anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour, especially if he is in the right mood and you stop and talk to him periodically.
*His bedtime still fluctuates anywhere between 8-10 depending on when he took his last nap, and how much he has slept in a day, but on a good night, he sleeps 5 to 6 hours for the first stretch and then another 3-4 hours. Other nights, he still gets up sporadically every 2 to 3 hours. Those are usually when his tummy hurts or he is way overtired.
*He loves to be on his belly, unlike his big sister who would throw a HUGE fit when we did tummy time.
*We moved Cooper into his crib in his own room when he was 6 weeks old and never looked back. It took almost 6 months with Devin and I always wished I had moved her earlier.
*Cooper is pretty good about going to sleep on his own most of the time if I put him in bed full and sleepy. Sometimes I have to go put his paci in a few times. I am determined to teach him to be a better sleeper than his sister was. Only time will tell if it is working though!
*Cooper is not a huge fan of the paci all the time, but does like it when he is really tired.
*Cooper has been the most wonderful addition to our family and makes us feel so complete.
*He still has very blue eyes and we are all hoping they stay that way!
*Cooper started daycare yesterday and did great. He is taking 2-3 oz bottles every two hours or so right now. He was worn out when he got home, but woke up for about an hour, then went to bed for the night!
*Unlike with Devin, Cooper has been on the go since he was just a few days old. We have had multiple lunch dates while I was on maternity leave. I have even made 2 grocery store trips by myself with both kids! I am getting more and more confident with being in public with both kids and managing Devin who is a little on the wilder side.

From September 11

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