Thursday, May 12, 2011

32 Weeks

I know I have said it before, and will probably say it again, but this pregnancy has flown by! I am now a little over 32 weeks pregnant.

Here I am now:
From Sono & Belly Pics-2010

And here I am at the exact same point with Devin:
From Sono and Belly Pics

* I can say I have really been feeling great lately.
* I can also say, I am getting to that stage where bending is impossible and it is getting harder to move around like I am used to.
* I am clumsy and easily irritated by not being able to do my normal activities.
* I have gained 18 pounds and been at the same weight for about 3 weeks now.
* The general consensus I am getting from people I see daily is that they think I am smaller this time. I would tend to agree only because I am not swollen like I was with Devin. I can see it in the difference in my face alone!
* I do think I am carrying lower based on different physical feelings/ailments I have this time, although it is hard to say by comparing pictures.
* I am almost certain I was extremely swollen by this point with Devin but I have been drikning water like it's my job this time (approx 75 oz a day) and avoiding extra salt wherever possible. I am trying to avoid the excessive bloating and the high blood pressure I experienced at the end with Devin.
* With Devin I remember lots of kicking, but this time, I feel like there is more stretching, pushing and shoving going on. This little boy is trying to make himself more room!
* Devin is very aware there is a baby in my tummy, although I still don't think she really knows what it means to her life.
* We have finally picked a name!!!! COOPER JONES M.
* I am still wearing a mix of regular and maternity clothes. All the clothes in my picture from now are regular clothes. I just have to make do with a longer undershirt!
* I have done nothing to prepare for Cooper's arrival. With our house being renovated currently, I have bought a few outfits, and picked out a lot of what I need to buy, but haven't gotten a thing otherwise! I know as soon as we finish the house and get his furniture into his room, I will go on a mass shopping spree to get all the items we still need. This is ultimately what I ended up doing with Devin too because I wanted to wait until after my shower with her.

We are excited to meet our sweet boy in approx 8 weeks! I can't believe he will be here before we know it!

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