Saturday, July 10, 2010

19 Months

Here are some of the things that Devin is now doing at 19 months! This is more for my own records than anything so I will probably keep posting these monthly updates since my girl is changing so much every day!

From July 10

*She wears size 2T clothes but I often buy 3T just so you can wear things again next Summer!
*She wears a size 4 diaper.
*She wears size 6 shoes.
*Devin has had a language explosion lately. Here are some of her favorite words: ball, bird, wa wa (water), sissy, na na (grandmama), diddo (grandaddy), shoes, ball, doggy, kitty, tee tee, poo poo, potty, ma ma, da da, yeah, me me me, my my my, baby, did I say ball? She is also trying to say some of the animals names at random. She will often repeat a word when you say it so I always try to tell her what things are.
*If I sing the ABC's to Devin, she will sort of sing along. She doesn't say the actual letters, but I figure this is a good starting point for learning them all. She does sort of hum the tune with me though.
*Devin can point to most of her body parts now. She mixes some of them up sometimes, but for the most part she knows them all.
*Devin has been sleeping through the night more and more nights now.
*When we leave school, she always points at her hands because she wants a sticker which they often give to them as they are leaving. She loves stickers as a reward for things too.
*We got a new doll and stroller for Devin that she has been pushing around constantly. The doll has a bottle and Devin likes to feed it and love on it.
*Devin is starting to work on potty training. We have only been doing it for a few days, but so far she is doing great! She had a her first poo poo in the potty on the second day! What a party we threw!
*Devin is such a little helper. She helps sort the laundry, unload the dishwasher, pick up her toys, put things away for me like taking her shoes to her room.
*Devin has really developed an attachment to her lovie. She has to leave that and her paci in her bed, unless it is bedtime or naptime, but she loves them when it is time for sleep. When she gets up for the day and it is time to go out of her room, I tell her to put lovie and paci away and she puts them both in her crib before leaving her room.

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